10th edition of the wyKOMBinuj most competition

10th edition of the wyKOMBinuj most competition

              This year, the 10th edition of wyKOMBinuj most competition (organized by KOMBO - Koło Naukowe Mechaniki Budowli) (Construction Mechanics Scientific Association) took place - at which we were present. Every year, the competition brings to Gdańsk around a hundred of young constructors from all over Poland. Rules of the competition were as follows: the teams had to construct a bridge with only eight sheets of plain Bristol board and two bottles of polymer glue; time to complete the task: only seven hours - that's all the time students from all over Poland had to win the title of the best young bridge constructors, in the building of Gdańsk University of Technology. Ingenuity, precision and engineering sense were of utmost importance, but it was all about having fun. The jury evaluated structures' load-carrying capacity (measured on "Zwick" capacity testing machine) and their weight. The team with the best capacity to weight ratio wins. This year, Warsaw University of Technology has triumphed - the team members are: Krzysztof Kaczor, Piotr Rozwałka, Michał Swoboda. Their bridge carried 131 kg, weighing in at 444 g. Congratulations! See you next year!


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